Incredibles II



7.0 Out of 10

The first one was just OK, this one is better. Plot was a little hard to follow (especially in a movie made for little kids.) The story was simple but twisted Incredibles II was well animated and put together but,it seemed a little too much like a commercial for stuffed animals.
The best part of this movie was the short at the beginning. About a woman and her imaginary child. It may be a little too advanced for the young ones but I really enjoyed it. For me it was the best part of the film.




8 out of 10.0

Being in a wheelchair and a quadriplegic myself, I was psyched to see this movie from the time I saw the trailer. Let’s just say it did not disappoint! It takes place in the future. The guys wife is killed in a car crash and he is left a quadriplegic in a wheelchair. One of his clients before he was hurt was a billionaire tech-guy. He invented this thing he could put in his spine to let him walk. It goes on from there but let’s just say it’s very exciting.
Imagine Terminator meets RoboCop meets Death Wish.

Oceans Eight



9 Out of 10.0

I haven’t seen any of the more recent ones but I was a huge fan of the first. Ocean’s Eleven (the one with Frank, Sammy, Dean, etc) was true Hollywood at its best. Ocean’s Eight was a similar story. A big heist at its best. I’m guilty of not knowing all of the superstars involved but maybe that’s what made it even better.
Ocean’s Eight was a really good movie. Kept you on your toes until the end!

Action Point



4 Out of 10.0

I wanted it to be good.  Action Park was where I hung out when I was a kid.  Not that I thought this was going to be a documentary but, I thought there was going to be a story.  The makeup looked like it was leftover from Bad Grandpa.  The actors looked like the cheapest they could get. It could have been so good. Retelling the story of one of the craziest amusement parks in the history of the world. Johnny Knoxville is played out.
For a movie that I wanted to be good, Action Point was not!

Solo : A Star Wars Movie


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6 Out of 10

Star Wars is a tough name to live up to.  This movie did the best that it could.  It’s hard to jump into the middle and expect that everyone knows what’s going on.  It was fun to see where Chewbacca came from and the history of the Han Solo character.  The story was a bit of a stretch (but aren’t they all these days) but easy enough to follow.
For true Star Wars fans they might have been a little let down but as the casual fan I consider myself to be, it was an ok movie for me.

Deadpool 2



5 Out of 10

I wanted it to be so much more.  The first one really hit me by surprise.  I was new to the whole move thing at that point and had no idea what to expect. This one I had high hopes for and it really didn’t live up to them.  Too much going on.  Too cute for itself but, Deadpool 2 just wasn’t the movie it had the potential to be.
Maybe I’m just “superheroed” out.  Too many lately.  The Avengers.  Black Panther.  Superman.  Spiderman.  Etc.  I just can’t keep up!  Maybe we all do?  It just felt like it was too much too soon.  Maybe it’s time for us all to just get back to realiy.  (Even if only for just a little while!)