A Quiet Place



6 Out of 10

I like to know what I’m getting in for. Who’s after me? What I did wrong? Is there anything I can do to make it better? All of those things were my problems with A Quiet Place. Who are these people? Why are they alone? What happened to get them there?
Thankfully I didn’t get popcorn because there wasn’t a chance to eat it throughout the whole movie. I felt guilty enough with just the sound of my Whoppers rolling around in the box! Jim from The Office has come a long way from his days with Pam.
It’s easy to scare someone by just saying, “Boo!” That’s pretty much the whole thing that’s scary about this movie. Not bad. Not great!

Game Night


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7 Out of 10

     Pretty good movie starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams.  Every week the two of them, along with a group of their friends, get together for a game night.  (Yet the rule is no drinking games which I found weird!)  One week Bateman’s brother shows up and decides he wants to play too.  It turns out he is a billionaire who has done everything great his whole life (or so we are led to believe!)  It also turn out that the competition between the two brothers is so bad it is lowering Bateman’s character’s sperm count to the point where he can’t have kids.  The brother brings the game to his big fancy mansion and changes all of the rules.
     It is no longer a game night of board games but one where he has hired a company to turn the night into a murder mystery.  Or is it?  The winner of the game that night gets to keep the older brother’s new red Corvette Stingray.  As the actors show up and the game night starts, so does all of the fun.  It turns out that the company hired to run the night has been hijacked by some Russian thugs who are after the brother.  It turns out that the brother isn’t the world-class investor he says but an international con-man and drug dealer.  Now we have to figure out who is who.  Who are the members of the acting troupe and who are the real drug dealers ready to kill everyone?
     A Hitchcock thriller it isnt but it is a pretty decent movie…


IT (2017)


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6.5 Out of 10

Based on a Steven King book, I thought this movie was going to be a lot scarier.  It bordered on a comedy for me.  Yes it had its shocking moments but Pennywise the Clown (the scary main character was more of cartoon character then a true villain.  It wasn’t as scary as much as it was a characture of itself.  The closer we got to see it, the less scary it became.  Okay it had glowing eyes and rows and rows of teeth but what is so really scary about that?  Especially when we live in these days and you expect to see someone like that in class with your kids and the teacher explaining to you hoe “they are just a little different.”