Incredibles II



7.0 Out of 10

The first one was just OK, this one is better. Plot was a little hard to follow (especially in a movie made for little kids.) The story was simple but twisted Incredibles II was well animated and put together but,it seemed a little too much like a commercial for stuffed animals.
The best part of this movie was the short at the beginning. About a woman and her imaginary child. It may be a little too advanced for the young ones but I really enjoyed it. For me it was the best part of the film.

Isle of Dogs



8 Out of 10

It was the first double feature I’d done in a while. It was late. I was tired and not expecting much. Boy was I wrong. This movie was great. The voice credits started rolling and I couldn’t believe the big names. The movie wasn’t as much of a cartoon more like anime. The story was simple. A boy gets separated from his dog. The way it was handled is what blew me away. Forget the animation part, here’s where the writing kicks in.
Boy gets a dog from his nice father (a politician). Dogs are outlawed so they have no choice but to get rid of the dog. (Here’s where the symbolism starts kicking in.) The boy goes on a mission to rescue his dog. At first it seems simple. He finds an empty cage filled with dog bones. His dog must be dead. But then he meets up with some other dogs who have managed to survive. It’s a pack made of four dogs (plus one who is a rebel) who have managed to survive and they know the truth: the dead dog isn’t his. Here’s where the fun starts. It’s time to go find his dog. Led by the pack and the rebel, the boy’s after the truth of what really happened and why he was duped. He has communication with two groups, his father and a girl trying to help him save his life and all dogs.
The pack helps him discover his dog is still alive and there’s been a cure discovered to cure all of the sick dogs.  The dogs are saved.  The president is killed and the little boy is reunited with his dog.  A really good, thought provoking movie.
And just check out the list of the stars!!

Sherlock Gnomes


small wheelchair logo small wheelchair logo

2 Out of 10

To say I made it past the first 10 minutes of this movie just wouldn’t be fair.  I’m not sure if it was the fact that i had just come from the dentist or if it had anything to do with my medication but this movie put me right to sleep!  The few minutes that I saw were entertaining but the majority of what I saw of this movie was the inside of my eyelids.  I still need time to decide if I should be apologizing to the people who made this film or if they should be apologizing to me.