Welcome to New York (Sub-Titles)


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4 Out of 10

I guess I need to start watching preview or reading the reviews before I go and see these foreign movies.  What I thought was going to be my first Bollywood movie wasn’t!  I wish I could tell you what it was even about.  There were so many different plots going on that I couldn’t even keep track.  One girl worked in a talent agency that was going to put on a show in New York.  Because she couldn’t get a promotion, she was going to sink the contest by entering the worst contestants.  There was also a sub-plot going on where the worst contestants met and fell in love / hate on the plane ride over from India.  The judge was supposed a famous Indian soccer star who hired an identical twin to travel for him so he didn’t have to deal with the paparazzi or any fans who bothered him.
     It turns out the only two winners of this entire nationwide contest were the two main characters (who were forced to share for a reason that was never really explained!)  As the contest draws closer, it turns out there is a plot to kidnap the guy who was the judge.  Who are the ones who foil the kidnapping?  The two people who are the stars of the show!  Confused?  So was I!  There were some singing and dancing numbers but not enough to make it a true Bollywood movie.
     None of the plots were never clearly explained.  Did the main character leave to go on and start her own agency?  Who was trying to kidnap the soccer star and why?  Too many unanswered questions in a movie that never really went anywhere.
  • As a side note, it’s interesting to see an outsider’s point of view of New York City.  For example, I was trying to figure out where the big talent show was taking place.  Parts of it looked like they were filmed in Madison Square Garden.  Parts looked like the Izod Arena and parts looked as if they were just filmed on a soundstage made to look like an arena.

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