8.0 Out of 10.0

Who knew The Rock could be such a good actor. In this remake of Die Hard he plays a guy trying to rescue his family from a building taken over by a group of terrorists. Not only does he do it but he does it well!
Skyscraper had me on the edge of my seat and actually clapping when the movie was over! Kudos to you Dwane. One again I smelled what you were cooking and once again I liked it!!

Ocean’s Eight



9 Out of 10.0

I haven’t seen any of the more recent ones but I was a huge fan of the first. Ocean’s Eleven (the one with Frank, Sammy, Dean, etc) was true Hollywood at its best. Ocean’s Eight was a similar story. A big heist at its best. I’m guilty of not knowing all of the superstars involved but maybe that’s what made it even better.
Ocean’s Eight was a really good movie. Kept you on your toes until the end!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor



9 Out of 10.0

Growing up I was always a huge Mr. Rodger’s fan. This movie jus showed me why. The story of how and why he did all of the great things he did was all put together in one place. The puppets, the characters, the behind the scenes stuff was a wrapped in one neat bow (tie!)
Fred Rodgers had a huge place in my life. See this movie and if he didn’t already have a huge place in yours, he will! He can live next to me anytime he wants!